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Our preschool is filled with LEARNING! We are the ONLY arts integrated preschool in the area! Dance and Music are included in our weekly curriculum. Our curriculum is designed by head teacher, Miss Jackie, who holds a Masters in Education & an Oregon Initial II Teaching License. Miss Madie has years of experience with children of all ages, including additional training and education to help your child reach their full potential.

Here is what our everyday looks like:
Arrival & Skill Centers: we welcome our students as they filter in. They really enjoy saying hi to their teachers or giving their friends a compliment. They sit down & play and learn in our file folder and fine motor centers. These are based on skill levels/ abilities.

Teacher Led Study: focusing on handwriting, watercolor unit study, and calendar review sheets.

Center Rotation: our centers rotate out monthly to match our unit theme. Dramatic play, Gross Motor (games & puzzles), Free Play (baby dolls & cars), STEM (science, technology, engineering, & math), Writing (stamping, coloring, painting), Small Group (games & activities with a teacher on a specific skill), Desk Work (name books & puzzles), & Sensory (sensory bins, bottles, and bags) are our current center rotations. 

Unit Studyart, science, or math activity related to our unit study. Students focus on writing, math reasoning, cutting, gluing, crafts, paint, drawing, etc. This time slot emphasizes the letter and math study of the week.

Calendar/Focus Wall: we work on monthly focuses in: math, math reasoning, shape/color, number sense, science/social studies, social skills, sight words, phonics, letters, and writing, as well as our daily calendar (months, days, numbers, weather, seasons).

This also includes songs that relate to calendar focus skills. 

Lunch Transition: we wash hands and transition to lunch in the kitchen (student's bring lunches).

Independent Work: soft relaxing music plays as we welcome afternoon students and do desk work. This includes independent folders, watercolors, journaling, name books, or library time.

Literacy: includes a unit related read aloud, puppet letter skills, songs about letters, a cvc book, word work, blending words, and our "wall" book that the children read.

Circle Time: varies in activities with games, fingerplays, sharing time, songs, poems, and unit study videos.

Music/Movement: we learn routines and fingerplays to various learning and movement songs. 

Snack Transition: we wash hands, use restrooms and eat a snack (snacks are provided).

P.E./Recess: the students go into one of our studio rooms and do P.E. or we head out back to our small fenced playground.

Unit Study: art, science, or math activity related to our unit study. Students focus on writing, math reasoning, cutting, gluing, crafts, paint, drawing, etc. This time slot emphasizes STEM work and fun crafts. 

Center Rotation: this center rotation can be free play, various small groups, or teacher led centers. We also use this time to learn how to play games like tic-tac-toe, memory, and other various games. 

Clean Up/Dismissal: we expect our students to keep our room just as they found it. They all work together to help clean up and organize their toys. If done early, they independently play their newly learned games (or frequently try to beat Miss Jackie at them), have a dance party, read books, or help their friends get ready to go home. 

Our activities are differentiated, allowing students to work in their own skill level while also being challenged. Our classroom philosophy is both play-based and academic-based. Since we are a private owned preschool, we have the opportunity to teach students in a well rounded approach. Our curriculum is created around what our students need. Each part of our schedule allows students to learn through play AND through traditional academic teaching. All students learn differently; therefore, we strive to provide each student with an environment suitable to their learning style and academic needs. Our preschool room encourages student *and* teacher led learning, optimizing student's development, individuality, and creativity.



Registration Opens January 1st, 2024

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