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Join us & Prepare for Next Season!

Summer, Specialty, & Next Season Preview

R&R Art Center will continue to provide our community with preschool, dance, cheer, and tumble next year.  We will be offering a full preschool program, a complete competition company, a recreation program, and we will continue to add multiple events to our center to serve our community as a whole.  Check out the info boxes below to get a snapshot into what next year, and this coming Summer will hold. 

Rhythm & Rhymes Preschool Program

Now Accepting Kinder Prep Camp, Summer Preschool, and 2023-2024 applications

Summer Schedule

Kinder Prep Camp:

We are bringing back Kinder Prep Camp for our current preschoolers that are moving into Kindergarten next year.  This camp will focus on preparing them for their coming transition to a big kid classroom, as well as guide them in the skills and steps required for kindergarten. 

Summer Preschool Program: 

       New to this year, we will be offering multiple sessions of preschool throughout the Summer, allowing children to grow, learn, and play throughout the summer in a classroom environment.  We will have part time and full time options available, and are working in conjunction with The Little Red Roost for carpool and daycare. 

2023-2024 Applicants:

   Rhythm and Rhymes will host the same schedule for the upcoming year as they did this year.  Look out for Open House information posting during the Summer, and sign up now to save your spot. 

Summer Elite & Recreation Classes

Now Offering a FULL Summer Activity Schedule for Multiple Ages

Summer Schedule

Recreation Dance, Cheer, Tumble:

It is easy to be outside and enjoy the Summer, but sometimes we find our kids needing a bit more structure throughout these long Summer days.  Whether you are looking to keep them busy, or stop them from losing technique over the Summer, we have you covered.  This year we will offer rotating dance, cheer, and tumble schedules throughout the entire summer for ages 4+

Elite Summer Prep Program: 

       New to this year, we will be offering a full Summer Session for our proposed Elite Company members.  Enrollment is not required, but highly suggested for all members interested in competing next year. Full attendance (baring excused absences) in this program will be required for all upper level dancers, RISE, and those looking to try out for a specialty routine in 2023-2024 

Summer Camps:

  As always R&R Art Center will offer multiple day camps on a range of focus, from princess parties, to archery classes.  Keeping with tradition we will also offer our dAnce & cheer performance camps towards the end of Summer. 

R & R Event Center

Although our full Summer Schedule isn't out yet, we are planning on providing a full line up of classes aimed to beat the heat and entertain the soul this Summer. 

Keep an eye out for some of the following: 

Summer Adult Projects such as centerpiece crafting, candle making, and edible arrangements. 

Craft Days for the kiddos, including both Mom & Me and independent classes.

Sip & Dips, Sip & Drips, and Art Class. 

Full Summer Fitness Adult Program

Adult Tumbling, Ballet, and Sport Movement Classes.

Mind and Movement, Meditation, and Yoga Clinics.

Private Scheduling, Specialty Training, and 1:1 Lessons on Various Offerings. 

Full Center Events such as "Girls Night In", and "Dad & Me Dance" 

& Space to rent your own events, host a conference meeting, or throw a birthday party. 

Pre-Register For Summer/2023-2024 Classes


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